The Marketeer

Patrik holds a Ph.D. in Marketing, a Master’s Degree in International Marketing, and another Master’s Degree in Advanced European Studies. He has been a visiting research fellow at the University of South Carolina, the University of Tulsa, and the Stockholm School of Economics. He has been a Professor of International Marketing at the Åbo Akademi University. At present he works as a Professor of Practice at the University of Turku. One of the highlights of his academic career was to be the first Finn ever to publish in “The Journal of Marketing”, by far the most prestigious journal in the field.

Apart from that he has published four books and several international articles in the field of international business. Although his work as a general manager has brought him insight into all aspects of business, the love for marketing will always be there. And then we are talking about marketing as a comprehensive core activity of creating customer value, not as a mistreat of just promotion.

The Strategist

First and foremost, Patrik is a strategist. His background as a scientist has paved the way for a career in strategizing. Not a single strategy or business plan has left his hand without proper data crunching and industrial insight. He is a strong advocate of bold positioning and real differentiation. He is not a mere think tank, but rather an operational enabler making sure strategies are put to work.

His early strategic work includes product strategy for Nokia Mobile Phones and IPO strategy for Teleste. Since then, there has been a great number of brand strategies, corporate strategies, growth strategies and funding-oriented business plans. In 2023, he had the chance to coordinate the strategy process of Rani Plast, the leading Nordic provider of plastic film and a true forerunner in sustainable solutions.

Having overseen the whole strategic process, he knows that creating strategies is one thing, implementing them is another. He has seen so many models, heard so much buzz, read so many management books and seen so many strategies fail that he has become a great fan of simplicity. Why make it complicated, when it most often comes down to a few words of wisdom. Consequently, modifying strategies into sustainable storylines is key. Storylines that are credible, far-reaching, different, understandable and doable. Patrik usually flavors his storylines by slogans and corresponding visuals.

The Executive

Patrik has been an executive in high tech, banking, FMCGs, leisure vehicles, advertising, construction, and metal processing. He has managed people and projects all over the world. He has held positions like CEO, Managing Director, VP-Sales & Marketing, Export Director, Regional Director and Strategic Executive. He has contributed to global market leadership, Nordic market leadership and several Finnish number one positions.

He has managed ups and downs. He has ramped up and shut down factories. He has acquired companies and divested businesses. He has grown businesses from scratch to leading positions and downsized firms to a minimum.

Patrik offers interim management ranging from 100 days to 500 days. These may be turn-around projects or growth projects, where he either acts as the managing director, a functional manager supporting the managing director or a project manager supporting the board. Although his services are very hands-on, they are anchored in a bigger picture, part of a strategic initiative.

The Advisor

Patrik is an active business advisor, helping entrepreneurs and firms in terms of value enhancement, restructuring, fund raising, and corporate governance. He is willingly sharing his insight from almost thirty years of management teams and board of directors, both the good one (the do’s) and the bad one (the don’ts). He has orchestrated more than sixty mergers and acquisitions, raised funds for dozens of firms ranging from start-ups to international companies, and audited numerous management teams and boards.

In 2023, he was the advisor to five acquisitions including restaurants, utility machines, cleaning services, construction services and wholesales. He is primarily working through Advisory Boards as an outside expert supporting business owners and management in decision making. He has had over thirty Board of Director memberships over the years (Nordic companies), of which about half as the Chairman. He prefers to focus on only a few at a time and on those where he really thinks he can contribute.

Well familiar with the venture capital market, it happens that Patrik invests himself in interesting companies.

The Coach

As a coach, Patrik trains entrepreneurs, managers, and business students. He is a popular lecturer and guest speaker. It has been said about him that “For once a speaker that knows what he is talking about”, “The best substance of the day” and “The speaker’s honesty and personal experiences gave the performance a very positive flavour” (Leadership Summit Helsinki).

Patrik also runs training programs on issues like strategic leadership, growth generation, internationalization and differentiation.

Three decades in the corner room or next to the corner room has taught him that it is lonely at the top. Leaders should have a personal mentor or coach to guide them and support them in decision-making and development both in terms of company matters and career matters. Patrik has a team of mentorees.

The Person

Born Finnish, Patrik is international. Not only has he travelled intensively in his work and built global distribution networks, but he has also lived several years in Sweden, Belgium, England, and the US.

Raised in an environment of academic stimuli and opera music. Holder of three university degrees. Completely tri-lingual. Married and father of four. Plays soccer competitively and coaches junior soccer league. Pumps iron. Is passionate about rockabilly music, Italian design, and Cuban cigars. Relaxes at his summer cottage on an island in the Turku archipelago, preferably with a hammer in his hand. Loves water-skiing and wakeboarding. All the time looking for interesting projects. A non-stop think tank. Enjoys personal qualities like loyalty, ambition, and efficiency.